Name of the Committee

Constituent Members of Committee with Contact nos.

Terms for the Committee

Advisory Committee

Chairperson: Mr. Dara Damania-FormerVice Chairman, ThyssenKrupp Industries.


1. Mr. Arun Firodia-CMD, Kinetic Group

2. Mr. S. K. Jain-Director, Synergy Emulsifuels Ltd.

3. Dr. Satish Koushik-Director, Deccan Management Consultant

4. Mr. Sanjay Kirloskar-CMD, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.

5. Mr. Firoz Poonawalla-Director, Filarozil Exports Pvt.Ltd.

6. Mr. Abhijeet Ranade-Partner, KPMG

7. Dr. S.B.Mujumdar-Chancellor, SIU

8. Dr. Rajani Gupte-Vice Chancellor, SIU

9. Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar-Pro Chancellor, SIU

10. Dr. Asmita Chitnis-Director, SIIB

11. Coordinator: Mrs. Shilpa Newaskar (8378990822)

  • Frequency:  Once in a year

  • Convener: Dr. Asmita Chitnis 

  • Role: 

1.To present the review of the institute activities and to take suggestions and inputs from Advisory Committee members.

Internal Complaint Committee

Chairperson : Dr.Netra Neelam, Deputy Director, SCMHRD


1. Dr VirajaBhat. Asst Professor, SIIB

2. Ms.Vidyavati Ramteke, Asst Professor, SCIT

Non Teaching Staff

1. Mr. Vinay Nindane, Admin Officer, SIIB

2. Mrs. Savitha Nair, Admin Officer, SCIT

Student Representative:

1. Mr. Ayush Trivedi, SCMHRD, PRN: 18020343008

2. Ms. Mannat Arora, SIIB, PRN: 18020241120

3. Ms. Uma Ashwini, SCIT, PRN: 18030242025

One member from NGO or person familiar with issues related to sexual harassment: Ms. Renuka Mukadam

  • Frequency: As and when required

  • Convener: Ms. Savitha Nair

  • Role:  

To attend to the complaints of the students/ as well as female staff members regarding the subject.

Anti-Ragging Committee

Chairperson: Dr. Dhanya Pramod Director, SCIT


1. Mr.Pratap Shinde, Deputy Engineer, MIDC

2. Mr. Milan Kurkute, Police Sub-Inspector, Hinjawadi Police Station

3.Mr. Dheeraj Bengrut, Senior Correspondent, Hindustan Times.

4. Ms. Shaila Limaye. Managing Trustee, MajhiMaitrin Charitable Trust(MMCT)

5. Dr. Prakash Rao, Deputy Director, SIIB

6. Dr. Netra Neelam, Deputy Director, SCMHRD

7. Ms. Mitali Limaye, Parent Representative, SCMHRD

8. Mr. Gopal Singh, Parent Representative, SCIT

9.Vaishali Upadhyay, Student Representative, SCIT

10. Purva Prasad Karmarkar, Student Representative, SIIB

11. Col. P L Kadam, Campus Administrator, SIC

Term: 2 years

  • Frequency: As and when required

  • Convener: Col. P L Kadam

  • Role: 
  1. To investigate a case of Ragging, if any 

Grievance Redressal


Chairperson: Dr. Pratima Sheorey, Director SCMHRD


1. Dr. S. Vijayakumar Bharathi (9960131463)

2. Dr. Prakash Rao (8806235770)

3. Dr. Manish Sinha (7757033273)

Non Teaching Staff

Col. Kiran Kanade (Retd.) (9881198240)

Student Representative

Mr. Joel Prakash Noronha, SIIB (9422641783)

  • Frequency: As and when required 

  • Convener: Col. Kiran Kanade (Retd.)

  • Role:

To advice, help, counsel the students as per pre-determined period or as and when required