On 1 st of August, the entrepreneurship cell members of SIIB, SCMHRD & SCIT had an informative session at SIIB with the CEO of Symbiosis Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SCEI), Mr. Dilip Thosar sir. The SCEI is now a Government recognized and funded startup-incubator (TBI). Ms. Hemangi presented an informative presentation on behalf of SCEI. Dilip sir talked about the incubation and inception programmes and their benefits which can be availed by the SIU family members. He also talked about Innovation Laboratory for Prototyping and Technology Development, Commercial Support, funding, mentoring and many more initiatives from SCEI. SCEI emphasises on the point that the SCEI encourages, and helps to evolve the zeal of entrepreneurship. The e-cell members of all the three colleges also had personal interaction with Mr. Dilip Thosar sir. Faculty mentors of all three e-cell committees, Dr. Suchita Jha (SIIB), Dr. K.Rajagopal (SCMHRD) and Prof. Apurva Kulkarni (SCIT) attended the event.