Mytrah Talks- Mr Sonam Wanchuk at SIIB

Date: 13 th Oct. 2018

Symbiosis institute of International Business was proud to host Mytrah talks – a PAN India event by Mytrah energy focusing on switching to a sustainable future on 13th October, Saturday at SIIB auditorium. The event was headlined by Mr. Sonam Wangchuk, innovator and education reformist in India followed by other eminent guests- Mr. R Somasundaram, Head-Strategic Initiatives, Mytrah Energy, Ms. Swati Suman, founder of PETTSI, Mr. Chandan Gadgil, Honorary Advisor of Renewable Energy at BAIF Research Foundation and Mr. Chhris Rosario, Trustee of ARTS Alive Foundation.

The event began with a with an address from our director, Dr Asmita Chitnis, who told us about her enthusiasm of having Mr. Wangchuk here to talk to the students about sustainability, and reminded the students of their responsibility towards the planet as future managers. Mytrah Energy showed the students a video that encompassed the work they were doing in India, the challenges mechanical and technical challenges they face, how working in extreme climates like Rajasthan is difficult but they manage to develop photovoltaic cells in the middle of the desert. 

After that, the shortlisted students from Pune region presented their case studies in the final round of case study competition. Thereafter, a brief presentation was conducted by Ms. Swati Suman on the journey of her non-profit startup aiming at reforms in the education sector of India. It was followed by another presentation from Mr. Chandan Gadgil about the inception of his enterprise which makes cakes out of biogas slurry, which in turn used by farmers for sustainable agriculture practices.

A panel discussion session comprising of all the guests began and was moderated by Mr. R Somasundaram. The session deliberated upon the need for sustainability to resist the effects of climate change and the various applications of renewable energy in various sectors in industry. Mr. Chandan Gadgil spoke about the importance of carbon neutrality to combat climate change and good practices for converting waste into energy generation. Ms. Swati Suman talked about the latest trends in technology like 3D- printing, IoT, Machine Learning etc. helping the projects for environmental safety. Dr. Prakash Rao highlighted the importance of sustainability in terms of management perspective and the need to inculcate energy saving plans at the strategic level of the company. Mr. Wangchuk offered a perspective of limiting the desires in life and consume only what is needed to prolong the life of the planet.

After the panel discussion, the winners of the Case study competition were announced and team from SIIB bagged the first prize in Pune region. It was followed by an enthralling performance by SIIB’s official band- Richman & Co. Subsequently, Mr. Sonam Wangchuk took the center stage and delivered talk about his life’s journey and shared anecdotes about the life in Ladakh. One of his efforts in educational reforms resulted in building a school in Ladakh in 1999, made of naturally available resources and run fully on renewable energy. He also said that the solution of a problem doesn’t always lie in complex technology but sometimes in the form of basic principles learnt in high school. He advocated contributing in any capacity to reduce wastages and keep the environment clean and healthy for future generations.

It was followed by Q&A session wherein inquisitive students from management and engineering fields alike asked questions to Mr. Wangchuk about the steps to take for spreading sustainability awareness in India and how to curb the need for unwanted desires in life. A final vote of thanks was given by Arzaan Dordi of E&E senior batch. It was overall; a great day for learning and SIIB thanks the eminent guests, Mytrah team, faculties and students for gracing the occasion and making the event a grand success.