IB Conclave Day 2

Date:20th September 2019

SIIB commenced Day 2 of International Business Conclave on the 20th of September 2019. The theme of the conclave this year was “The future of work – Techno Human Interface”. The event started by a brief introduction to the theme which explained the concepts of augmented reality, artificial intelligence and changing ideas to create new opportunities. Next, the IB Conclave magazine was officially launched in the presence of Director of SIIB, Dr. Asmita Chitnis and all our honorable guests including Mr. Dayanand Triathhi, Corporate Business HR for InterGlobe Enterprises, Dr. Dipti Deodhare, Head – Intelligent Systems and Robotics Division at CAIR, Mr. Amit Kumar, Co-Founder of Addverb Technologies, Mr. Navin Chandani, Chief Business Officer at BankBazaar.com and Mr. Ramendra Shukla, Co-Founder and COO at Exponential DataLabs. The event started with Dr. Dipti talking about how AI is impacting business and work force. She also discussed about the shift from a physical to a digital world. Moving on, Mr. Dayanand Tripathi talked about various factors such as globalization, mobility, new technologies, millennials and new demographics are major impact on talent, leadership and organization. He also spoke about the importance of Emotional Quotient in these evolving times. Next, Mr. Navin Chandani discussed about how technology is driving business today in BFSI and how future managers should learn to adapt themselves to these changes. Mr. Ramendra Shukla then enlightened the students with the concept of conversational artificial intelligence which consist of Chat Bots. He talked about how automation and AI can be a differentiator for brands shortly. Next up, Mr. Amit Kumar told the students about the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which is being driven by the change in work and creating better work for all. He discussed various things like smart manufacturing, Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc. among the rest. The event concluded with a very interactive question and answer session followed by a vote of thanks. Overall, the conclave was a very insightful and enlightening for everyone present.