BOTS 2020

Dates of Conduct: 27th July, 2020 to 1st August 2020

Battle of The Stars, affectionately called BOTS, was the brainchild of our esteemed alumnus Mr. Amit Aggarwal, Business Process Transformation, HP.

A one-of-its-kind virtual tournament, this was played across 12 different teams, encompassing 240 students, over an entire week. The teams, conceptualized on Zodiac signs, faced tasks based on the concepts of Execution, Logic, Communication, Strategy and Teamwork.

On Day 1, in “Logo Wars”, the teams had to present their unique logos, names and war cries. For “Social Hunt”, students established social connections to common individuals and gathered information regarding their favourite movie, song, etc. Day 2 saw the students solving logical reasoning puzzles in “Escape Room”. Then, “WWL” was organized in which the teams had to manoeuvre between web links based on clues provided on custom websites. On Day 3, for “Mad Ads”, teams had to effectively market seemingly useless products, such as “Blank newspaper”, “Blackening toothpaste”, etc. For “Dubsmash”, teams had to provide custom dialogue to a clip from a popular movie.

For Day 4, “QUIZZit”, an online quiz competition was organized. “Stratosphere” was a session where teams had to present solutions to COVID-related issues in different cities. The event was evaluated by the external jury. Ms. Savita Pai, Chief Digital & Media Officer at Diageo India and Mr. Sanjeev Gadre who has 25 years of experience in the software products business spanning multiple verticals, geographies and business models were the jury members for Stratosphere.

On the last day, “Theme of BOTS” saw the teams presenting videos on their experience of the tournament, to a jury of esteemed actors. In the finale, “SIIB’s Got Talent”, each team put up a slew of performances in front of an exceptional jury of performing artists.

The last day saw the presence of personalities as Debanjana Nath, Shweta Gupta, Anshulika Kapoor, Aarifah, Urvashi Goverdhan, and Vaishnavi Anand among us. The teams, Ardiendo Aries and Azzuro Aquarians were declared the joint winners of the tournament.

BOTS 2020, was a huge success in bringing all the students together through a fun-filled but knowledgeable experience. Also this Super event has acquainted the entire Batch to each other along with the “Ice Breaker sessions” at the beginning which acted as a warm up for the BOTS event, which was otherwise not possible with this ease.