Merit list for MBA-IB, MBA-AB, MBA-EE Programmes declared on 29th March 2020 Important notice for new session (AY 20-21)

A video conferencing lecture by our alumnus, Mr. Sriram Iyer, of 1997-19999 batch, Founder and Chief Enabler at IKIGAI, was arranged by Alumni Relations Team for HR batch of 2017-19 on the topic of ‘Artificial Intelligence in HR’ on 4 th August 2018.

Mr. Iyer outlined the direction that the HR is likely to take with the advent of technology and Artificial Intelligence. Mr. Iyer spoke at length about how Artificial Intelligence is likely to take over the functions of HR like talent acquisition and performance management.

Mr. Iyer stressed on the importance of Amara’s law which states that ‘The impact of technology is overestimated in the short run while it is underestimated in the long run’.

Mr. Iyer also said that the Artificial Intelligence in HR was not about the ‘automation’ of the industry but more of the ‘augmentation’ of the industry. The session was followed by Q & A round and proved to be an insightful one for the students.